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Artistic Body Design

Tattoo Designers

Terry Darkman

Terry Darkman specializes in grey and black tattoos and portraiture. Submit your requests!

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Chris Cox

Chris Cox specializes in full-color illustration tattoos (neo-traditional and old-school traditional tattoos) as well as black and grey. Chris’ unique art style was influenced by comic book art and skateboarding illustrations.

April DeMarco, RN

Registered nurse, April DeMarco, specializes in areola reconstruction, scar camoflage, nanoblading eyebrows and microneedling.

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Exzavior Mathis

Exzavior Mathis was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Exzavior has been tattooing for 3 years and specializes in hyper-realistic tattoos.  Exzavior’s style includes line work, black and grey illustrations, and full-color tattoos.  Exzavior really enjoys tattoos that have a mixture of realism with cartoons.

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What we do

Cosmetic & Medical Reconstruction

As a registered nurse and tattoo artist, April DeMarco uses art to heal, especially for breast cancer survivors, as she restores the breast to their most natural-looking form, through tattooing areolas.

Cosmetic tattooing includes nanoblading eyebrows, lips, scar camoflauge, and micro-needling.

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