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Artistic Tattoos and Cosmetic Reconstruction in Matthews, NC

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, the premier tattoo and cosmetic reconstruction clinic in Matthews, NC. Our mission is to provide exceptional services that allow individuals to express themselves through artistic tattoos while offering various cosmetic reconstructions to enhance their natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a stunning tattoo, or you’re seeking cosmetic enhancements, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Artistic Tattoos:

Unleash Your Imagination

At Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, we believe that tattoos are not just ink on your skin; they are unique works of art that tell a story and capture a moment in time. And our talented team of artists specializes in a diverse range of tattooing styles, including black and grey portraits, illustrative and neo-traditional colored tattoos, and fine-line art tattoos. We take pride in our ability to transform your ideas into remarkable and captivating designs that exceed your expectations.

Our experienced tattoo artists also understand the significance of your tattoo and its lasting impact. From the initial consultation to the meticulous execution, we ensure that every step of the process is tailored to your desires. Whether you envision a custom piece, a tribute to a loved one, or a symbolic image that represents a meaningful moment in your life, we are here to bring your creative vision to life.

Welcome Inside Our Studio

Artistic Body Design

Tattoo Designers

Terry Darkman

Terry Darkman is an award winning tattoo artist with over 30 years of experience.  Terry specializes in black and grey portrait and photo-realism tattoos.

tattoo in progress

Daniel Loyola

Daniel Loyola was born and raised in Santiago, Chile.  Daniel loves to travel and recently made Charlotte his new home.  He is a devoted tattoo artist with 15 years of experience.  He is an extremely versatile tattoo artist specializing in full color, black and grey, geometric, fine line, full color bio-mechanical, polynesian, water-color, realism, cartoons, trash polka, and old tattoo cover ups.  Daniel will make your tattoo experience a comfortable and enjoyable memory whether you prefer to put on your headphones and drift away in your music or if you prefer conversing to make the time fly by.

April DeMarco, RN

April DeMarco specializes in fine-line artistic tattoos such as script, handwriting, and dainty/elegant tattoos from tiny to large sizes.  April is also a Registered Nurse who is certified in medical and cosmetic tattooing to include areola reconstruction, scar camoflage, nanoblading eyebrows and lip blushing.

tattoo artist

Rhiannon Hope

Rhiannon Hope was born and raised in Kentucky.  Hope is a certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist specializing in Airy Brows and Lip Blushing.  If you are ready to save time with your morning wake-up routine, consider having your eyebrows and lips enhanced with permanent make-up tattooing.

Maria Vasquez

Maria Vaquez has been drawing and developing her illustrative style for years.  Maria specializes in fine line and black-work tattooing.

tattoo artist

Kay Stewart

Kay Stewart is the newest addition to the Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery family working as an apprentice under the supervision of Terry Darkman.  She is currently taking clients for small and fine line tattoos for discounted rates.

Cosmetic Reconstruction:

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

In addition to our exceptional tattoo services, Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery also specializes in various cosmetic reconstructions. We understand that beauty is subjective, and we’re committed to helping you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Micro-blading and nano-blading: Our skilled technicians utilize the latest techniques to create perfectly shaped eyebrows that enhance your facial features. Through meticulous strokes that resemble natural hair, we can achieve stunning results that frame your face beautifully.
  • 3D Areola Restoration: For individuals who have undergone breast surgery, we offer 3D areola restoration to restore a natural appearance. Our highly trained technicians use advanced pigmentation techniques to recreate realistic and symmetrical areolas, allowing you to regain confidence and feel comfortable in your own body.
  • Lip Blushing: This treatment enhances the appearance of your lips whether you desire that lipstick look or if you are interested in camouflaging discoloration of the lips due to injury, fever blisters, or cleft lip correction surgery.  Our skilled technicians use a safe and effective technique to ensure optimal results, leaving you with healthy, vibrant looking lips.
eyebrows nanoblading
What we do

Cosmetic & Medical Reconstruction

As a registered nurse and tattoo artist, April DeMarco uses art to heal, especially for breast cancer survivors, as she restores the breast to their most natural-looking form, through tattooing areolas.

Cosmetic tattooing includes nanoblading eyebrows, lips, scar camoflauge, and micro-needling.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, we prioritize your comfort, satisfaction, and safety above all else. That’s why our artists and technicians are highly trained and stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques. We also adhere to the strictest sterilization and hygiene practices to ensure a clean and safe environment for our valued clients. Each interaction with us is personalized, and we take the time to understand your unique needs and desires, delivering exceptional results that are tailored to you.
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If you’re seeking an unparalleled tattoo experience, or you’re considering cosmetic reconstruction services, look no further than Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery. We’re passionate about our craft and dedicated to bringing your artistic visions to life while offering a range of cosmetic enhancements to help you feel your best. So explore our website to learn more about our services, view our stunning portfolio, and book your consultation with us today. Let us be your trusted partner on your journey to self-expression and beauty.

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